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The Darlin' Cast


This is the darlin' cast of my life. My opinions are ever-changing so this may change quite a bit over the years.


Mum - Things are kinda rocky with her right now. I've sort of lost alot f my respect for her in the last year based on a few things that you can read about if you would like.

Dad - I love him, and I don't care if I'm a daddy's girl. We are a lot alike and I wouldn't have it any other way to be honest.

Christina/Chris - My twin sister. She is thin, 5'6, shoulder-length black hair, dark brown eyes, big smile, glasses, and very pretty. The complete opposite of me.

Joshua/Josh/Joshie- My big brother. We have a strange bond. We understand each other without saying anything aloud. He makes a huge difference in my life most of the time.

Auntie Kathy - She is my mum's best friend, and she and her husband are my Godparents. My Aunt is crazy funny while my uncle is a bit... well it's hard to find a good word for him. Well, jerk works, I guess. But he's my Godfather, so it would be sad if something bad happened to him.

Christopher/Chris - He is my Godbrother. We have a strange relationship. Before he entered high school I used to be his strange Godsister who was a GIRL. That seemed to bug him most. But he's started talking to me and I guess we get alone. It would get confusing who I am talking about, but I will make it clear which 'Chris' I am talking about.

Lenny and Jordan - They are my 'adopted' brothers. They are best friends to my brother, and neither of them need to use the doorbell. ;)


Margaret/Marg - best friend; known her since we were both babies. She is one of those friends who if you didn't meet when you were young you probably would find them overly annoying in a more present tense. We've shared quite a few laughs, tears, and screaming moments. But we love each other like best friends can.

Allison - I have known her since I was four. We were best friends for a long time, but we don't see a lot of each other anymore. I got her a job at KFC with me, and that's about the only time we do see each other.

Kayty - She has been one of my best friends since grade seven. In the beginning I believed she just talked to me because her friend was my sister. But now were closer than they ever were. She is one of my only friends who didn't let the fact that we didn't go to the same high school stop us from seeing each other every week.

Stephanie - I met her this year and she makes me laugh. She is probably my closest friend, we talk about everything and anything. And she never judged me once

Ariel - my friend of four years. We were real tight last year, but she is a little too wild for me. We're still good friends, and she'll talk to me for hours about anything and everything.

Alan and Nicole - pretty much the only people I still talk to from my old school. They are cool.

Robert, and Alex (F) - I've known them for a while, and we're all friends through choir. They are all equally hilarious.

Richard, Joel, and Ashley - some hilarious friends in my classes.

People I Work With at KFC

Me!, Mum, Ryanne, Erik, Kristina - cashiers. My mum and I are the ones who have been around the longest. The others have been working less than a year. But they're all cool. So much better than some others I've worked with.

Jake, Jordan, Kenroy, Brandon, and Joshua - cooks. They are all cool. I guess.

Michelle, Susan, Shannon, and Jenny - from lowest rank to highest. They all have they're strengths and weakness', but they all like me so that's all that matters.

Trever, Janet, Sharon, Ian, Kevin, Kenten, Rebecca, Kevoir, Johnoy, Jade, Allison, Nicole, Katelyn, and Shawn - all used to work at KFC until getting themselves fired/quit.

Ex-Boyfriend Things

Kevin - Probably one of my worst decisions ever. Met him in the middle of Grade 12, fell in love with him fast than you can say whiper-snapper, and the next thing I knew I was getting tangled up into his crazy drama with ex-girlfriend, Jessica. He's a liar. But he was one of my best friends for awhile. Its too bad I fall in love with crappy guys.

Jon/Jonathan - I liked him a fair bit. He is one guy that I feel most comfortable with. Not so much nowadays. Ever since he went to B.C to study to be a youth minister we don't see each other much outside of Facebook. Haha. But on facebook we talk like it's old times. But I will always have a soft spot for him. Not too mention he is rather good looking.

Jake - he is a guy I work with. I liked him for a year until I finally decided he isn't worth it. He and I were just meant to be friends. I do talk to him quite a lot though, even after he slept with Nicole and Katelyn, breaking my heart. He is pretty messed up when it comes to commitment. He's a bit of a screw-up like me so I sympathize with him alot. The only thing is when I talk to him it is more about him than anyone else. But he really is a nice guy. He has never said a bad thing about me, and I mean it. He was mad at everyone at work, and wouldn't talk to anyone but me. :) But I don't like him that way anymore. He is one guy I can actually say that about (besides Shawn).

Shawn - he was, I guess, my first boyfriend. Things have been awkward for a long time. I broke up with him when I realized I didn't have any real feelings for him, but he still likes me.

Heron - I basically loved him all of grade seven and eight, but he liked my sister instead. It kind of messed me up. Now I just have mixed feelings towards him. He is a good guy with a lot of issues, and it's probably a good thing nothing ever happened.

That's all for now :D

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